Being born and raised in San Francisco, I found it hard not to be immersed in all sorts of cultures and environments.┬áLet’s be honest, when you are out and about in The City, you never know when you are going to run into someone wearing a giant panda head or when a naked bike rider nearly clips you as you take a step off the curb.

It comes with the territory.

It was also hard not be become obsessed with sports and food. My Instagram (bottom of the page) is proof that I can’t turn down a good meal. Heck, most of my travel is planned because of food. And sports… let’s just say I grabbed the sports section of the newspaper (yes, a good ol’ fashioned newspaper) every morning and memorized every stat I could find.

That how I ended up covering Bay Area sports for five years and working for teams for three. I’ve covered the Giants, 49ers, A’s, the West Coast Conference, the Seattle Storm, marathons, lacrosse matches. Name the sport and I’ve likely done it.

I can do that with comic book movies, too. Thor: seen it. Dark Knight: loved it. Spiderman 3: Tobey Maguire in his emo stage is seared into my brain.

Sports nut, closet geek, and amateur foodie. That pretty much covers it. Hi, I’m Zack!


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