Moving? FML

It’s been a while since I’ve written. There has been an international trip, a move from San Francisco to Moraga, and then work somehow squeezed work in there.

But let’s focus on the move. Moving stinks.

It’s not the greatest revelation but, when you haven’t done it in nearly six years, it takes things to a whole new level. You just never realize how much junk you have accumulated until you try to move it all.


And all the little items just add up. There are the refrigerator contents, the bathroom supplies, the bed, all the clothes, knick knacks, shoes, athletic equipment. Bikes, electronics, books (OMG, the books), DVDs… Yes, I said DVDs. “Why don’t you just stream it all or download them?” Shut it! This is my ‘Get off my lawn’ item. Deal with it!

Of course, this all happened once we were able to track down enough boxes. What it really entailed was several moves of boxes, unloading boxes, and refilling them with new stuff.

Side note: Next time I end up moving, I’ll fork out the money to have someone else move the boxes. I hit 30 and this whole “do-it-yourself” idea to save money is not worth it (even though I rationalized it as an acceptable substitution for going to the gym). Pack it up, throw it in the truck, and move it into my place.



If you had things exactly where you wanted in the old place, you likely took a mental note of where everything was. If you were smart, you took a picture of it all… I did not.

Trying to remember the exact arrangement of all the knick knacks and books once they were in the new place is, well, taxing. There was a general idea of where everything went but I know there will be the moment when I am just about done with a shelf and then I will open another box and find something that was ALSO supposed to be on that shelf.

And you have to start all over.


The struggle is real. I wish all of those doing it soon well. Don’t forget, it will all be over soon. Hopefully.


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