Meme to the Extreme

Welcome to the 23,784,276th blog ever created on the Internet. That number cannot be confirmed but I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.

Hi, I’m Zack and this is the first of what will be a collection of random thoughts, sports rants, social media observations, and fun facts! There may even be a plug every now and then for the 9-to-5, that being my alma mater, Saint Mary’s College.

And my first thought is on memes. I love a good meme just as much as the next person and one of the best (albeit it can get a bit gratuitous at times) is the Crying Jordan. You all know it and, in case you have or actually don’t know, here it is again:

Jordan crying face

Which leads me to what should be the retirement of this ever so useful meme for a new one, courtesy of LeBron James. In fact, this may be the greatest gift he could have given the world of sports.

It’s perfect, right? Who better to retire the Crying Jordan than someone who cries to the refs all the time? That’s the bitter Warriors fan coming out but you have to admit, it’s got meme written all over it.

Think about what it has done for Michael Jordan… for years all we did was talk about how terrible of a GM and owner he has been with the periodic reminder that nobody will be better on the court than MJ.

Now he is one of the greatest memes on the Internet. Of course, I do wonder if that is all anyone under the age of 23 knows him for.

I did a quick search of “Jordan” on Google and found tons of pictures of his shoes, the Jumpman logo, and a random shot of DeAndre Jordan. But as I continued to look for images of MJ himself, the 27th image of him was the original Crying Jordan. The 17th was Crying Jordan’s on a few of his Hornets players.

It tied the theme of his bad GMing AND his meme! This could be you, LeBron. The next Internet sensation. You, too, could take the Internet by storm like your teammate Matthew Dellavedova.

But now my pet peeve. I am all for creativity for meme names so long and they are clever and ACCURATE! This brings me to #tealizard.

For anyone who was privileged enough to see the Muppets, they know that is Kermit the Frog. He has turned into a great meme himself but if you are going to give him a nickname, at least get the right species.

I’m looking at you Bleacher Report intern who likely never saw Kermit, Miss Piggy, Swedish Chef, Gonzo, or Animal in their prime.

Kids these days…

giphy (2).gif


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