Who you got? (Giants v.1)


Let’s play a guessing game! I will give you two players with similar statistics and you have to pick who you’d rather have.

These two players were both San Francisco Giants and below are their career numbers with the franchise. Both reached the postseason multiple times.

No cheating and checking Baseball Reference!


PLAYER 1: .299 AVG, .872 OPS, 176 HR, 709 RBI, 35.5 WAR, 8 seasons

PLAYER 2: .297 AVG, .903 OPS, 175 HR, 689 RBI, 31.4 WAR, 6 seasons


PLAYER 1: .333 AVG, .956 OPS, 5 HR, 16 RBI

PLAYER 2: .276 AVG, .840 OPS, 9 HR, 23 RBI

Answer coming on Monday.


Give me a Giants-Dodgers NLCS

As a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan, I have a deep distain for that team in a particular shade of blue.

My list of hated Dodgers are not the Koufax’s or the Garvey’s (before my time) but has the Hershiser’s, the Sheffield’s, the Gagne’s, and for that brief burned moment of Steve Finley. Even when Hershiser became a Giant, I couldn’t accept him. He was a Dodger.


Public Enemy No. 1: Tommy Lasorda. How dare you disrespect the Phanatic!

The Giants reached the postseason this season by sweeping the Dodgers with the signature moments being Ty Blach going eight shutout innings and Angel Pagan planting one in the left field seats off Clayton Kershaw.

While there was a deep satisfaction with seeing it happen against the Dodgers, I hope that it is a precursor to something that baseball has never seen.

Giants vs. Dodgers. Seven games. Winner goes to the World Series.

I have long thought the only differences between Red Sox-Yankees and Giants-Dodgers are location and the playoffs. The hatred is there. The rivalry survived a move across the country. There are plenty of great moments.

What has defined these teams is keeping the other out of the postseason. Bobby Thompson, Brian Johnson, Joe Morgan, the aformentioned Steve Finley, 1993’s Game 162, etc., etc.

You realize the Giants and Dodgers have only been in the postseason at the same time twice and that both times have come in the past three years?

The only thing that would make me happier than seeing the Dodgers be eliminated from the postseason is to see my Giants be the team to do it. A lot has to fall in place for it to happen but it seems only fitting that in Vin Scully’s final season on the mic that he gets to see his boyhood team (the Giants) play against the team he became synonymous with.

SIDE NOTE: As a baseball fan, I feel privileged to have had Vin Scully’s last game be in San Francisco and to be able to listen to him call Giants-Dodgers one last time. 

Can you imagine how raucous both parks would be? Can you imagine Kershaw-Bumgarner in the postseason, a matchup of the best regular season pitcher of his era and the best postseason pitcher of his era?


The Giants have been in some intense postseason situations over the past six years. The Royals were a helluva test. The Cardinals were always tough. But none come close to the visceral reaction to seeing that L.A. insignia.

The way these teams have battled through the season has been miraculous. The Dodgers had their pitching staff decimated by injuries. The Giants had a horrific bullpen all season and it nearly cost them a spot. But here they are, in the postseason together. They have never met in a postseason series but if you heard the story of both teams, neither should be where they are. Neither will be favored in the Division Series (assuming the Giants advance).

To borrow from Mr. Scully, “In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened.”

Let the impossible happen again. Giants-Dodgers. For the pennant.

Living the Fantasy Since 2000

I remember when fantasy sports became a thing.

I really got into it during high school and my favorites were fantasy basketball and baseball. I felt it was a greater challenge to be good in leagues that required day-to-day maintenance.

It took greater knowledge of the players, their trends, understanding matchups. This was also in a world before Facebook, Twitter, or Bleacher Report. Hell, I still had a Xanga, MySpace, and my Friendster account was still active. AOL Instant Messenger (or AIM) was the easiest way we all communicated.


Tom was our first online friend

It was like understanding “Moneyball” before everyone knew what it was.

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Moving? FML

It’s been a while since I’ve written. There has been an international trip, a move from San Francisco to Moraga, and then work somehow squeezed work in there.

But let’s focus on the move. Moving stinks.

It’s not the greatest revelation but, when you haven’t done it in nearly six years, it takes things to a whole new level. You just never realize how much junk you have accumulated until you try to move it all.


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Craigslist FTW

Craigslist is great for finding cheap second-hand goods, unbelievable apartment deals that are too good to be true. It’s also great for getting mugged and swindled when you respond to the post. You always have to be cautious.

And this person was not only timely but may win the brand new made-up-on-the-spot Troll of the Year award, or the Trollie.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 at 2.59.48 PMScreenshot 2016-06-26 at 3.00.03 PM

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Meme to the Extreme

Welcome to the 23,784,276th blog ever created on the Internet. That number cannot be confirmed but I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.

Hi, I’m Zack and this is the first of what will be a collection of random thoughts, sports rants, social media observations, and fun facts! There may even be a plug every now and then for the 9-to-5, that being my alma mater, Saint Mary’s College.

And my first thought is on memes. I love a good meme just as much as the next person and one of the best (albeit it can get a bit gratuitous at times) is the Crying Jordan. You all know it and, in case you have or actually don’t know, here it is again: Continue reading